Imposer syndrome

Imposer syndrome

#Imposer vs #Impostor syndrome

I was reading an interesting article by Melinda Gates on how to tackle impostor syndrome.

I couldn’t help but think that it’s not just that people are suffering from an impostor syndrome, but there those who are made to feel that they are not good enough.

Have you come across someone in your life who made you feel that you may not be good enough; second guess your efforts or ideas; create self doubt and lower your self-esteem?

I certainly have and I call them ‘Imposers’.

I would say, #imposers are those individuals who either knowingly or unknowingly impose that you do not have the calibre or deserve the credit for your accomplishments. They may make you feel like you have to justify your place at that table or overcompensate to be recognised.

These people suffer from having what I'm going to refer to as ‘Imposer Syndrome’.

It is possible that they are oblivious to their behaviour, while others may do it intentionally. Either way they lack empathy and are sometimes cynical in their approach.

Whilst you may suffer from impostor syndrome there is a good chance that there is an imposer factor making it worse for you.

Recognise anyone?

How do you deal with #imposersyndrome sufferers?

I struggled, did you?

More on #imposersyndrome soon.

... by Nazia Sarkar in knowledge February 08, 2018

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