Raising funds to build water well for school in Ghana

Raising funds to build water well for school in Ghana

It was a choice between marketing MentorYou (MU) or sponsoring children in Ghana. No prizes for guessing what I decided and you can join me too.

My dear friend Emdad Rahman is out there now helping with the education project.

See link to donate and follow updates.

My product will get launched, if not today then 3months later. But I won't get this opportunity again where I can see direct impact I'm able to make.

I’m going to use the money to sponsor a water well in Ghana through this project. It costs £1000 for the well and it will help the children at this school.

Just they other day I was deliberating on how to raise funds for my marketing budget. Money more money. And then one of the reasons I left the corporate world hit me.

I wanted to find ways to celebrate life of those around me and remember the ones I've lost, like my grandma and my uncle who I lost in the space of 13months.

If you wish to donate use #iMU as reference to make a difference to the lives of these children who have to walk miles to get water.

It's no scam, I'll share pics and videos direct from Ghana as well. Help me raise the £1000 please.

Don't forget to use #iMU as a reference so it can be tracked. Thank you for your generosity in advance.

... by Nazia Sarkar in impact February 26, 2018

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